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Friday, May 17, 2019

Term 2: Weeks 1 - 3

Hi parents,


The students are relieved and proud that they have made it through the Cambridge assessments for Term 2!

The girls point out the finished list of assessments. Settle down please. 


We started the term learning some plays. It was a good chance to practice some peer assessment i.e. level of voice expression, volume, and body position.

Daniel demonstrates the amplification capability of a whiteboard pen. 

Emily tries to coach Alex and Yolanda. Good luck Emily.

Nancy demonstrates her best "you have got to be kidding me" face. 

Aliens attempting to mimic human greetings. 

Drama can sometimes just be P.E. with more facial expressions!


For Science we are continuing to explore sound. Below are some photos where we are testing how to change the pitch of a sound. 

Say it don't spray it, girls. 

Lauren perfects that art of the rubber band and cup. 

Alex looking like he might have swigged the contents of that energy drink before he used it. 

Luca performs Beethoven's Symphony Number 5 on the wine bottle. Well, the first note anyway. 

Monday, March 18, 2019

Term 1, 2019: Weeks 5 - 7

Dad's Day

What a great day Dad's Day was last Friday. After the school shared some singing - and we sadistically enjoyed listening to the Dads try and get their mouths around some tongue twisters - we went back to our classes for special activities.

In our class, the Dads joined us for some "Minute-to-Win-It" challenges (cracker face, cup stacker, and chopstick challenge). The Dads helped train up the students in their group and provided encouragement when it was time for the competitive challenge. Following that, the best part: getting the Dads to give the challenges a try! Thanks for coming along Dads (and Dad equivalents!), and for giving us some laughs!

 Speak up Dads! 

Daniel's buzzed. Sophie's dad may have sprained a facial muscle.  

Bella doing her best Walking Dead impression

Olivia and her dad try using the bridge of the nose as...well, a bridge.  

Yolanda employs every facial muscle to full effect. Ashlee faces the obstacle of cracker dust in her eye. 

Michael demonstrates to the class his pyramid scheme and how you can start earning money from home.  

Great chopstick skills, terrible meal. 

Good luck telling your chiropractor why you've made an appointment!

Barely suppressed competitiveness. 

Smell the testosterone! 


We've continued our focus on solids, liquids and gases. 
We've been learning to make predictions, test those predictions, and discuss our results. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Term 1, 2019, Weeks 1 - 4

Hi parents,

Let me help you get a visual on class Kotare, 2019!

Michael, Luca, and Daniel

 Nancy and Bella
Yolanda, Sophie and Anna

Alex and Jack

 Ava-Lee and Bella

Ashlee and Olivia

Ciaran and Raffaello  


Surely there's no better way to learn about measurement than to actually measure things! 


We've been learning about states of matter (solids, liquids and gases). Here we are testing predictions we made about which solids would melt  quickest in the sun. 

Life Education

Always popular, we had our annual visit from the Life Education van. Led by Chris, with the help of Harold the Giraffe, the students had some rich discussions around friendship. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Term 4 Highlights

Hi Parents,

Well, just like that, the year is nearly at an end. It's been a privilege teaching the students of class Korora, and I'm glad I'll be seeing most of them around next year.

Here's a couple of highlights from the last few weeks...


The students have produced some really nice pieces of work this term. There was landscapes in the first few weeks, and lately we've been drawing and painting still-lifes.

 the colour of Sienna's roof is, well, sienna of course! 

 Ethan's philosophy of art is to curve the spine in harmony with the curves of his lines.
Tiger's controversial technique is to drink the paint-water, so as to be at one with the art.

Class Plays

When you're a woman of mature years, you need to use the jaw for extra grip. 
Oscar is part of an expedition, along with his robot Thomas, to explore a planet inhabited by aliens (Claire and Jack)
Aston wishing he'd brought a gun to this fight. 
Chelsea unfortunately underestimates the distance needed for a stage dive.


We had a great lesson, led by Jenna Gainford. 

Thomas wonders why he's heard adults swearing when playing golf...it's not that hard?
Golf is a lot more motivating when aiming for human targets.


This term we've covered the physics of sound.

Daniel conducts his teams rendition of "it sort of sounds like a song"
Experimenting with glass and water out on the grass means that the crickets provide a backing choir
Luke uses a string telephone to share a piece of juicy gossip with Konstantin 
While Claire is testing a paper banger, Chelsea perfects her runway pose.


In Week 5, we had our annual Athletics Day. 

Ethan's shadow has already cleared the jump, so you know he's going to be fine. 
Not casting spells, but practicing shotput. 

Oral Language 

There's been lots of opportunities for strengthening oral language skills this term: persuasive speeches, news sharing, and sharing presentations for topic.  

Harper shares a speech on Lego, ensuring that you'll be pestered for expensive kits for Christmas. 
Ollie sharing on the topic of skateboarding
Poppy using eye-contact to make sure that her audience are as riveted as she expects them to be. 
Sienna shares some medals. Chelsea wants one.


In Week 7 we had our sailing day with Volvo, Learn to Sail. We're grateful to have gotten such good conditions in a week that wasn't always pleasant! 

Daniel and Tiger looking as smooth as the water.

Luke and Oscar find that sailing is pretty cruisy when you remove the ocean.

Jack looks for unchartered land
Daniel and Tiger see if they can get any fish nibbling on their scalp.
Claire shows no-hands. Poppy resists shaking the boat.
Ollie overboard!